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Recently, I have been very interested in analyzing data for political science research. Fortunately, its easy to find political science data, encyclopedias, and information about quantitative and qualitative research methods.

The Data

The ANES collects high quality, non-partisan survey data on voting and public opinion.

After creating an user account and password…

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How to Estimate Public Opinion in the States

The most commonly used method for estimating state- level opinion is called disaggregation. The process is simple and easy to implement: After combining a set of national polls, you calculate the opinion percentages disaggregated by state.

The problem with disaggregation is that it requires a large number of national surveys…

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The Granger causality test is a statistical hypothesis test for determining whether one time series is a factor and offer useful information in forecasting another time series.

For example, given a question: Could we use today’s Apple’s stock price to predict tomorrow’s Tesla’s stock price? If this is true, our…

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Because of the trials are still ongoing, researchers caution against making head-to-head comparisons of vaccines based on incomplete data. But for the sake of learning, we will do it anyway, just not making any meaningful conclusions.

Recently, the announcements went out that the potential effectiveness of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates developed…

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Most of the researchers submit their research papers to academic conference because its a faster way of making the results available. Finding and selecting a suitable conference has always been challenging especially for young researchers.

However, based on the previous conferences proceeding data, the researchers can increase their chances of…

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